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Cypress Falls Trail

Detailed Description: Cypress Falls is a hiking trail exploring a forest and leading to two natural viewpoints overlooking a waterfall. There is a lower and upper viewpoint.

The trail is considered an easy going route measuring only 2-3 kilometres return. It is a one-way trail with a small loop route built into the centre of the trail.

At the top end of the loop route is a wooden bridge. The wooden bridge crosses the creek and enters a grove of 300 year old trees.

To get to the Upper Cypress Falls Viewpoint, do not cross the bridge, but instead, continue up the trail following the bank of the creek.

Most of the trail follows an earthy path surrounded by cedar and douglas fir trees. The trail can be slippery and muddy with some sections of exposed tree roots. Some sections explore near the edge of the canyon cliffs so please be careful.

Explore Cypress Falls Trail in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Cypress Falls Trail
Woodgreen Place
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