Grant Narrows Regional Park

Pitt Meadows

Difficulty: Easy - Family
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Boat Launch
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The Vancouver Grant Narrows Regional Park is a recreation and sightseeing destination located north of the community of Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada. The regional park is best known for its birdwatching and for its boat launch accessing the various waterways.

The Grant Narrows Regional Park is situated on the southern shores of Pitt Lake and on the banks of the Pitt River. However... it is an enclosed park surrounded by dykes and nearby wetland, bog and marsh areas - most notably the Katzie Marsh and the Pitt-Addington Marsh Wildlife Management Area.

The boat launch in the park is a very popular destination for accessing Pitt Lake by boat and for launching a canoe or kayak for river and wetland exploration. During the summer months one can rent a canoe or kayak in the Vancouver park.

The Grant Narrows Regional Park and the Pitt-Addington Marsh Wildlife Management Area are prime birding destinations. There are said to be over 200+ bird species sighted in the park including swans, sparrows, eagles, loons, ducks, geese, herons and osprey.

In the Grant Narrows Regional Park are hiking trails and dykes which circle the wetland area. One trail is called the Nature Trail and the other is the Pitt Lake Trail. On the trails are some wooden viewing towers for birdwatching.

A longest trail follows the outer perimeter of the park and loops around the Katze Marsh. The trail measures about 6.5 kilometres.

Near the entrance of the Metro Vancouver park is a day use picnic area, trail maps, information signs and pit toilets.

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Grant Narrows Regional Park
Rannie Road
Pitt Meadows

How To Get ToGrant Narrows Regional Park

The main entrance to the Grant Narrows Regional Park is on Rannie Road.

From Pitt Meadows travel north on Harris Road. Travel about 4 kilometres and then take a right on McNeil Road. Continue east to Rannie Road and take a left. Continue traveling north to the park, follow the signs.
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