Baden Powell Trail

North Vancouver

Trail Length: 42 kilometres

Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:

Baden Powell Trail is the prime hiking route when touring the entire alpine region of the North Shore Mountains spanning from the community of Deep Cove (east) to Horseshoe Bay (west).

The long haul hiking trail measures 42 kilometres (25 miles) in length. It connects to various parks and mountains and it travels through neighbourhoods and communities including North and West Vancouver, British Columbia.

The high mountain trail connects to many recreational parks including Grouse Mountain, Lynn Canyon and Capilano River Parks. Because of the many parks there are various points along the trail for access. Most hike the trail in sections at a time.

The trail sections can be very challenging with steep climbs, stairs, mud puddles, exposed tree roots, rock slides and protruding rocks. Some sections traverse alongside cliffs and mountain edges. The trail can also be easy going, level and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Pick your route wisely.

Some of the trail sections are very well maintained, especially in the lower elevation parks. Other sections are less maintained and exposed to the alpine elements. There are trails which are gravel and there are trails which follow a boardwalk path or climb up wooden stairs. Be advise the boardwalk can be very slippery.

The Baden Powell Trail explores many lakes, rivers and creeks - as well as - crosses over mountains and alpine meadows like Cypress Mountain, Black Mountain, Brothers Creek, Mosquitoe Creek, Capilano River, Lynn Canyon and Quarry Rock.

One of the main highlights of the Baden Powell Trail are the scenic views from the mountains. Certain sections of the trail provide some jaw-dropping, head-shaking views of Deep Cove, the City of Vancouer, Indian Arm, Seymour River, Burrard inlet, Pacific Ocean and Vancouver Island.

Two of the more popular sections of the hike on the Baden Powell Trail are (1) Deep Cove to Lynn Canyon (12 kms) and (2) Lynn Canyon to Grouse Mountain (10 kms).

The trail connects with many off shoot trails. The trail in most cases is very well signed. However, it is important to watch for all signage at every major junction on the trail or else you could be wandering in the wilderness.

Hiking in the mountains is very beautiful but it can be dangerous if ill prepared. Always prepare for fast changing weather conditions in the mountains. Always wear good footwear and dress in layers. There are long sections of the trail with no water source so pack some water.

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Baden Powell Trail
North Vancouver

How To Get ToBaden Powell Trail

Panaroma Park in Deep Cove is the eastern trailhead and on the corner of Highway 99 and Highway #1 in Horseshoe Bay is the western trailhead. Acess points along the trail which seem to be more popular are the trailheads in Lynn Canyon Park and on Grouse Mountain.
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