Kanaka Creek Regional Park

Maple Ridge

Located in: Maple Ridge
Maple Ridge

Park Size: 400 hectares
Park Amenities:
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Kanaka Creek Regional Park protects both sides of Kanaka Creek before connecting (emptying) with the Fraser River. The park is considered a recreation and sightseeing destination and is located east of the community of Maple Ridge, BC, Canada.

The Kanaka Creek Regional Park measures 400 hectares and protects both banks of the Kanaka Creek for approximately 12 kilometres. There are two sections of the park which are developed - the Fraser Riverfront and Cliff Falls.

Each section is connected by a network of recreation trails. Trails are considered well maintained and easy going suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Located on the trails are wooden viewing towers ideal for birdwatching and for observing fish during spawning season.

The trails in the park include the North Fork Loop Trail, Diversion Trail, Canyon Trail, Les Robson Trail, Nature Trail, Lower Thorn Hill Trail, Turkey Trot Trail, TCT and the Cliff Falls Trail.

The Fraser Riverfront section is located on the west side of the park at the confluence of the Kanaka and Fraser Rivers. On the east side of the park is the Cliff Falls section which is the main section of the park and, therefore, attracts the most attention.

The Fraser Riverfront section includes a day use picnic area, viewing decks, information signs, boat launch, fresh water tap and a large parking lot. To launch a canoe or kayak this section provides a roof top boat launch for accessing the river.

The Cliff Falls section includes more information signs, a day use picnic area, pit toilets, viewpoints, fire pits, a parking lot and a fish hatchery. Cliff Falls is also a swimming hole with a natural rock slide popular with children.

Explore Kanaka Creek Regional Park in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, BC, Canada


Kanaka Creek Regional Park
252nd Street
Maple Ridge
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Located in: Maple Ridge
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