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Waterfront Walkway is a paved recreation pathway located along the shores of Upper Arrow Lake in the community of Nakusp, BC in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada.

The paved, 1 kilometre, recreation walkway stretches from the downtown marina to a large public sandy beach.

Waterfront WalkwayThe Waterfront Walkway is a very well maintained path providing access to many recreational opportunities and some impressive far reaching lake views. Located along the walkway are beautiful gardens, grass lawns, picnic areas, sightseeing platforms, sitting benches, washrooms and a seasonal concession stand.

At one end of the Waterfront Walkway is a marina. At the other end of the walkway is a 100 metre public sandy beach ideal for swimming.

In the middle of the trail are the Japanese and Spicer's Gardens. The gardens include outdoor structures and benches surrounded by the colors and smells of floral bliss.

The paved walkway is popular for walking, jogging, biking, picnicking, sightseeing and roller bladding. The marina is the best trailhead access because of the large paved parking lot. The walkway is wheelchair and baby stroller friendly.

Connected to the Waterfront Walkway are other recreation trails which, together, form a 5 kilometre loop path. The trails include the Greenway Extension, Railway Trail and a short "no-name" pathway.

From the sandy beach the 1 kilometre Greenway Extension continues exploring along the shores of Upper Arrow Lake and along the banks of the Kuskanax Creek. There are good viewpoints along the trail with sitting benches. The trial is not as level as the walkway and is not paved.


Waterfront Walkway

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