Misty Meadows Naikoon Provincial Park


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Misty Meadows Naikoon Provincial Park

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Part of the Naikoon Provincial Park, Misty Meadows, is one of the better parks on Graham Island, Haida Gwaii that is accessible by vehicle. It has it all - sandy beaches, short trail, interesting landscapes, seabird wildlife, picnic shelter, water, bathrooms and most amenities.

Misty Meadow Park - Haida Gwaii, BC Photo GalleryMisty Meadows beaches are beautiful and easily accessible via the short trail from the parking lot where there is a picnic shelter. An ideal destination for a day at the beach without the long hike in. At low tides the beach reveals fine sand, perfect for sandcastles, frisbee and bocce ball. With the receding tides the shells and colorful rocks are exposed.

Misty Meadows in Naikoon Provincial Park is made of sand dunes. The great storms blow sand inland depositing the sand at the foot of driftwood towers, rocks and thick underbrush. As the plant grows and more obstructions are tossed on shore by the storms the dunes continue to grow and then begin to take on a life of their own.

Misty Meadows' shoreline from the sea to the forest is broken down into eco zones. The Foreshore Zone, the gentle sloping beach area up to the tide line, has no vegetation due to waves and wind. The Driftwood Zone is just beyond the tide line area covered in driftwood with small plants and grass growing. Past the driftwood in the upper sandy area is the Transitional Zone where there is a larger build up of dunes and vegetation. The Stable Zone is the beginning of the Sitka Spruce and other trees and flowering plants.

Misty Meadows is a unique ecological area and should be treated with respect. Do not venture off the path, no littering as many flowering plants are in the area like various colorful mushrooms, Coastal Wild Strawberry, Sea Rocket, Grey Beach Peavine and more.

Explore Misty Meadows Park, Naikoon Park near the Village of Tlell, Haida Gwaii, BC


Misty Meadows Naikoon Provincial Park
Highway 16

How To Get ToMisty Meadows Naikoon Provincial Park

Drive north for 41 kms on Hwy 16 from Skidegate BC Ferry Terminal on Graham Island to the region referred to as Tlell. Continue north on Hwy 16 past the Naikoon Park Headquarters and on your right, will appear the Misty Meadows Campground Provincial Park Sign. drive to the end and park. Trail is on your left. If you have passed Tlell River Bridge on your drive north, you have gone to far - turn back.
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