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Rebecca Spit Provincial Marine Park

Detailed Description: Rebecca Spit Marine Park is located on Quadra Island, which is part of the Gulf Islands in British Columbia, Canada. The park was established in 1959 and is situated on the east side of Quadra Island covering 177 hectares.

The park includes a 2 kilometre long sand spit, hiking trails, sandy beaches and a small protected cove. The cove is named Drew Harbour. The harbour is protected by the sand spit from the storms and winds blowing in off the ocean.

Drew Harbour is ideal for swimming, kayaking, boating, fishing, scuba diving, sailing and picnicking. There is a day use area overlooking the harbour with picnic tables, pit toilets and water taps. The park is very wheelchair friendly.

The sand spit extends out from the coastline of Quadra Island on the east side of Drew Harbour. Up and down each side of the the spit are sandy beaches. On one side of the spit, fronting the storms, are piles of driftwood. On the protected side of the spit, away from the storms, are long, narrow sandy beaches.

Along the coastline of the sand spit is a hiking loop trail leading to the point of the spit where there is a beacon and fantastic marine views. Leading into the spit is a loop road connecting with a day use area, boat launch and parking lots. Cyclists use the road, but are not permitted on the hiking trail.

There is a boat launch located on the west side of the sand spit near the entrance to Rebecca Spit Park. Near the day use area and hiking trailhead entrance there are some information signs. And there is a large grass field just down the road from the day use area.
Rebecca Spit Provincial Marine Park, Quadra Island, Discovery Islands, BC, Canada


Rebecca Spit Provincial Marine Park


Located in: Quadra Island
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