River Valley Trail

Trail Length: 12 kilometre

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Dog Walking
Horseback Riding
Interpretive Signs
Mountain Biking

River Valley Trail in Williams Lake, Central Cariboo-Chilcotin Region, British Columbia, Canada is a 12 kilometre community pathway navigating a valley of eco systems while following the Williams Lake River from the community of Williams Lake, B.C., Canada to the shores of the mighty Fraser River. The trail system is a fantastic opportunity to view the area while hiking, biking and cross country skiing. 

The River Valley Trail is a very well maintained trail system following mostly a gravel, earthy or raised boardwalk path. The path criss crosses wooden bridges, back and forth, over the Williams Lake River many times along the route. The bridges provide a good opportunity to view the riparian eco system in the area. The Interpretive signs found along many sections of the trail do an even better job at explaining the local landscape and wildlife.

The trail explores many different landscapes depending on where you access the trail. The closer you are to the Fraser River the trail becomes more scenic with a heavier forest cover consisting of Douglas Fir trees. The closer you are to the community of Williams Lake the trail is more out in the open surrounded by sand dunes, grasslands, wetlands and bogs. Great for birdwatching!

The ice age played a big part in creating the habitat of the river valley. It is because of the ice age that we have the changing scenery that makes the pathway so scenic. Scenery that includes mixed forests, bluff side slopes, grasslands, sand dunes, bogs, cottonwood groves, shrub lands, riverbanks marshlands and rivers.

The River Valley Trail is also the home to varies species of wildlife. Each eco system creates a home for a different group of wildlife. The riparian river eco system of reeds, sedges and rushes provides cover for fish and secures the banks of the river. The river is also home to otter, beaver and many, many waterfowl and songbirds.

The forest cover varies along the trail. It is this forest that is also home to wildlife of the four legged kind like squirrels, deer and black bear. When exploring in the grassland sections of the trail there will be grasshoppers chirping and butterflies waving as you trek on by.

Along the recreation trail, in some of the more scenic spots, there are viewing benches and picnic tables. Make a day of it and pack a lunch. In some of the key areas, there are also pit toilets for public use.

Explore River Valley Trail in Williams Lake, Central Cariboo-Chilcotin Region, British Columbia, Canada



River Valley Trail
McKenzie Avenue
Williams Lake


Located in: Williams Lake

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