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Wells, BC, Canada in the North Cariboo-Chilcotin Region, British Columbia is a small town in the Cariboo Mountains perched up on a hill near the Jack of Clubs Lake east of Quesnel BC. The community is surrounded by a network of lakes and rivers, recreational trails, wildlife and B.C. history. Wells, like Barkerville, is a result of the Cariboo Gold Rush during the late 1800s.

In 1934, after the boom to the area, Fred Marshall Wells discovered gold ore in Cow Mountain. Soon later he built a company town for the employees of his company - The Cariboo Gold Quartz Mine. The mine closed in 1967 but the buildings stayed. Today, upper Wells is the colorful heritage side of the community while lower Wells is the expansion side of the community located on the Heritage Highway (Hwy #26).

Today, the main street of upper Wells is lined with the same 1930 buildings founded by Fred Wells. The locals have restored the buildings keeping with the architecture of the time but have painted the heritage buildings in rainbow colors of green, yellow, blue and red. Every visit to Wells should include a walk down the main street of color and time.

During the summer months the main street outdoor coffee shops, retail stores and restaurants share music and sidewalks with visitors. The art galleries and museums line the streets with local and historic exhibits and artifacts. And the community has the services important to travelers like a gas station, ATM and accommodations.

The wilderness around the community of Wells, including historic Barkerville, is filled with lakes, rivers and trails. Some trails in the region include the Yellowhawk, Two Sisters Mountain and Jubilee Creek Trails. The Bowron Lake Canoe Route is a popular paddle route located northeast of Wells.

During the winter months, after the snow has fallen, the recreational trails become popular routes for snowmobiling and cross country skiing. The Mount Agnes and Sugar Creek Loop Trails are popular for snowmobiling. While Troll Mountain, Cornish Mountain and the Yellowhawk Trail are popular for cross country skiing.

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Village of Wells
Highway #26

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Travel Highway #97 north of Quesnel to the main highway intersection with Highway #26. Turn right onto Highway #26 and continue 78 kilometres to Wells, BC, Canada.
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