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Merritt Nicola Valley BC Family Road Trip Vacation 

Tourist In Our Own Town - Merritt BC Canada - The matriarch of the Girard Clan came a knocking and visited with "The Boys" in Merritt BC Canada over the Thanksgiving holidays. It was an opportunity to road trip and tour our 92 year old Adventure Seeker around town based on her vacation "wish list". The list was her travel guide which, by the way, was created from all the beautiful posts and stories she reads on our Experience Nicola Valley and Experience Merritt websites and Facebook, and Instagram social media pages. She is our biggest fan. And now she is a huge fan of Merritt and the Nicola Valley! 

Ma Girard and Junior exploring the backcountry in the Nicola Valley. Photo Credit Greg Girard
The Boys and Ma Girard at the Bailey House in Merritt. Photo Credit: Greg Girard

Tourist in Your Own Town and the Nicola Valley

Touring Ma Girard around the Nicola Valley, was a chance for us to become tourist in our own town. There are many advantages to staycations every once in a while. One being appreciation for where we live, work and play. Taking the blinders off and seeing your town in a new light once again can be educational. Block out the negatives and just look for the positives. However, like many things in life, it is all attitude and the will to have fun. And Ma has a great attitude, full of questions and curiosity as we explored the town "The Boys" call home.  During our roadtripping around the Nicola Valley we had a chance to revisit with some of our small businesses and non profits based on "The Ma List".

Travel List Includes Merritt Stores and Non Profits

Ma Girard experienced friendly hospitality all around Merritt, wherever we went she was treated with respect, smiles and politeness. Her vacation list included visits to Resale Therapy (Mom loves thrift stores); Bailey House (she loves antiques); Kekuli Cafe (she had to try the Bannock); Nicola Valley Art Gallery (she is an Artsy one), Game On Sports (the hockey game was on); Creative Comforts (and she loves her crafts).

Kekuli Cafe in Merritt BC. Photo Credit Greg Girard
Nicola Valley Art Gallery. Photo Credit Greg Girard
Resale Therapy in Merritt BC. Photo Credit Greg Girard
Bailey House in Merritt BC. Photo Credit Greg Girard

Thanksgiving Dinner in Merritt BC with Friends

On Thanksgiving she joined "The Boys" over a Thanksgiving feast with some of our good friends from the Nicola Valley. However, it was the feast that stole the show. Therefore is was a foodie adventure. There was, of course, turkey complimented by stuffing, potatoes, broccoli, carrots, salad, warm soft buns, apple pie, and pumpkin pie. Always filling and always enough food at Melvina Whites home for a feast. Therefore, you never walk away hungry - just very thankful, stuffed and ready for a nap. 

Thanksgiving Dinner with Family and Friends. Photo Credit Greg Girard
Kitchen Party with Mom and friends. Photo Credit Greg Girard

Mom Visits Merritt City Hall Presentation

Mom even attended a COW Meeting at City Hall, watching her "Boys" in action, promoting their passion for the region while supporting Tourism Nicola Valley in their presentation to the Mayor and Council. So much to be thankful for. She even had an opportunity to meet and shake hands with the Mayor and some of the Councillors. Very professional, very appreciated. 

Merritt BC Horse Whisperer in the Nicola Valley

Mom enjoys activity. She is not one to sit and watch TV all day. She has always wanted to be productive and is full of surprises.  Her highlight, as she put it, was when we took her 4x4ing in the backcountry (her first time 4x4ing) and, karma was on our side. During our adventure Ma encountered a herd of horses. Mom, our horse whisperer, reverted back to her childhood on the farm. It was a beautiful moment.

Horses of Merritt. Photo Credit Greg Girard
Horse Whisperer Feeding Hay. Photo Credit Greg Girard

Thank You Merritt BC Canada

Thank you Merritt and the Nicola Valley for making our Mom's visit a good one filled with great memories for her to take back home. Thank you to Ma Girard, for visiting Merritt, BC, Canada and re-affirming during your stay, how beautiful it is here to work, live and play.

Tourist in Your Own Town - Merritt BC Canada

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Andrea Horning on Sunday, 15 October 2023 06:32

I love this so much! What an awesome family of adventure seekers enjoying the holidays together. Your mom is very inspiring!

I love this so much! What an awesome family of adventure seekers enjoying the holidays together. Your mom is very inspiring!
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