Rockin River Musicfest Opening Day

Celebrating country music in Merritt, British Columbia, Canada

“Once the Rockin River Musicfest starts rocking at 4 PM today, all vendors, artists and volunteers will flick-the-switch and go into entertainment mode. “

Hi from at the Rockin River Musicfest

Hi from


Hi, from the brothers of We have landed on the grounds of the Rockin River Musicfest! The event marketing component of is peaking for 2018. The Maple Leaf RV is parked proudly for all to see. Waxed and washed, the RV is glowing in a Canadian brilliance. We can feel the good vibes in the air. We have decked ourselves out in Canada gear. We are raring to go.  Bring it baby! The marketing of Canada is our honor. 

Rockin River Musicfest Adrenaline Metre Soars

Rockin River Musicfest socializing

The Brothers meet and greet new people and friends


We feel the Maple Leaf red blood pulsating through our veins. The adrenaline metre is spiking by the hour at the same rate of the temperature. Yesterday we hit 31+ degrees. Today, should be another scorcher, perfect for a country music festival and cowboy hats. What will today bring being the first official day of the Rockin River Musicfest.

The start of our Rockin River Musicfest Experience

Yesterday, we started our journey setting up at the musicfest. First we had to navigate through the 3 gates of security. The first gate where we pick up our media accreditation was located at the East Gate. We met the volunteer, a pleasant girl who was just setting up. We had the honor of being the first to check in. Conversation ensued and by the time all was said and done, we offered to pick her up a Tim Horton’s coffee before we returned to tackle the next 2 checkpoints. Good people deserve good things right? We were going into Merritt anyway so why not pay it forward.

Not like the movies when it comes to security and first aid

Rockin River Musicfest Security

First Aid drops in at the Maple Leaf RV


On our return from Merritt BC after stocking up on essentials we dropped off the coffee to hugs and thank yous. Now, the journey continued. What to expect from the next 2 checkpoints we had no idea. Surprise, surprise… the security people at the checkpoints were fun and happy. So much so, we could joke with them and they were laughing. Nothing like the security in the movies. No wanna-be tough guys here.

Then first aid stopped by as they knew one of the people gathered around the Maple Leaf RV. They offered us water, laughs and smiles. I asked for a back rub, but it seems that a back rub is not a medical emergency. Who would of “thunk” it, right?

Build a Maple Leaf RV and they will come

Rockin River Musicfest

Jumping for joy at the Rockin River Musicfest


Once we got settled, and the Maple Leaf RV was in full view, the people started to come on over to talk. There is something about a red Maple Leaf that attracts crowds. In the day to the run up of the festival we met so many good people. We talked about our role here which is marketing the Rockin’ River Musicfest experience on our website and to our 40,000+ followers on social media. We shared our Canadian story with them, from birth to present, and the many adventures along the way to get to where we are now. We shared with them that we are a booking, planning and interactive travel website and they are free to contribute. 

Rockin River Musicfest walk-about

Rockin River Musicfest

Coldwater River Party


After the first wave of curious onlookers, Colin and I, sneaked out on a mission of discovery walking the festival grounds. We strolled out to the general campgrounds first to check them out and see, for the first time ever, the river party experience.

You see, one of the big benefits and attractions of the Rockin’ River Musicfest is the music of course, but what most do not know about is the river party experience on the Coldwater River. The festival grounds follow the banks of the river. Everyday groups break out in the river and they set up their chairs, tables, umbrellas in the shallow river and start their “chillaxing” rituals. It is a beautiful thing!

Food at the Rockin River Musicfest

After our withdrawals and periods of “drooling” over how fun the river party looked we ventured towards the main stage and checked out some of the food vendors. Just the sight of them made us hungry. Colin has his eyes set on the cabbage rolls and, myself, I am looking at the perogy poutine. Once the Rockin River Musicfest starts rocking at 4 PM today, all vendors, artists and volunteers will flick-the-switch and go into entertainment mode. Just wondering how can you not try the food when at a festival. Not trying the eats is almost sacrilegious.

Boom Box at the Rockin River Musicfest

Boom Box at the Rockin River Musicfest


Being that we have an eye for marketing, we took a particular interest in the marketing of the Rockin’ River Musicfest and the many participating exhibitors. Although still in set up mode, there are some pretty sweet displays from some of the exhibitors. Nothing like the Maple Leaf RV, but then again I am a tad bias. The DJ boom box is well done. Can’t wait to shake my mojo to some of that country jive. And then there is the “HI” display from the Tweed group. The Harley Motorcycle exhibit is also worthy of a shout out. 

So here we are, just hours until the lid comes off the country music vault. Anticipating greatness. What the next four days brings is about to unfold. 

Follow us on our website and social media for daily updates and some highlights. We will also be publishing an after Rockin River Musicfest Blog so make sure to check back here for some musicfest insights.

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