We are finally in Alberta.  The adrenaline is pumping! A new adventure is just around the corner.

This morning we decided to split up. Bro headed off to Lethbridge to establish a base camp and do some computer work. I am in Waterton National Park researching. How lucky am I!

I arrived in Waterton Village and headed to the campground on the lake. The winds were going mad and the sun was out. Tents were barely holding on – about to roll like tumbleweeds.  Not I though, I am in the EH Travel Pod – faster than a speeding bullet and can leap tall buildings… ha ha . Set up camp quickly and took off to see if I could research  a few hikes before nightfall.

It felt so good to pump the legs again hiking. The first hike took me to the Cascade Waterfall. It is a main attraction with lots of white water and attention – lots of people taking pictures. The trail head to the Carthew-Alderson Trail is also there. It had my name on it so up I went.

The trail starts off by following  the creek which feeds the waterfall. It is all uphill following a series of switchbacks. My legs burned. My face smiled.  It felt good. I continued hiking up to and past the snowline. But, it was soon later the snow reached my knees and a deadfall tree blocked my path. Common sense told me to turn around as I was not suited up properly for an alpine adventure. I turned around and headed back down.

Next was Bertha Lake. It leads to a waterfall and alpine lake. I knew I would probably hit the snowline again and, definately I was running out of sunlight. But I wanted to get to the lookout. So I hoofed it. Again the trail follows a ridge looking down on Upper Waterton Lake. The views of the snow capped mountains and the lake were awesome.

Meet allot of people on this trail but at the viewpoint I was all alone… in a very good way. I had the view all to myself. I thought I found heaven. The views are amazing! I have attached a picture where I am at the viewpoint, bubbling with excitement –  all smiles and beaming.

Waterton National Park is a hidden gem and is a must see when in Southern Alberta.

Be well, Be active.

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