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Difficulty: Easy - Family
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Mountain Biking

The Evan Thomas Bike Path is a paved recreation path ideal for sightseeing, picnicking and riding. The trail is enjoyed by all ages, is very popular for families and is suitable for all types of bikes (big and small except motorized bikes).

Spray Valley Provincial Park Photo GalleryThe Evan Thomas Pathway connects Kananaskis Village with Wedge Pond. It runs parallel to Hwy #40 most of the route, dipping in and out of the forest along the way.

The route is an ideal travel route for wilderness sightseeing and possible wildlife sightings while exploring by bike in Kananaskis Country. There are views along the route of Ribbon Creek, Evan Thomas Creek, Kananaskis River and mountains like Mount Kidd (to the west) and of Mount Lorette (to the north).

The Evan Thomas Bike Path measures about 10 kilometres one-way. It is considered an easy going ride along a fairly well maintained trail with an elevation gain of only about 90 metres. Do not be fooled, there are very steep sections on the route and there are some blind corners so watch for others.

If big hills are not your thing or.. you are riding with small children then start your adventure at the Kovach Pond Day Use Area so to avoid the steep switchbacks between Kananaskis Village and Kovach Pond.

For rest, play and eat there are, easy access, recreation picnic sites located along the route like the Kovach Pond, Even Thomas and Wedge Pond Day Use Areas.

There are more trails in the region also. Some of the other trails in the region, albeit many are hiking only, that connect to the Even Thomas Bike Path include the Evan Thomas Creek Trail, the Bill Milne Trail, the Wedge Pond Trail and the Terrace Trail which is a biking, cross country skiing and hiking trail.

If you want to change it up a bit and feel like a longer ride, then make the Evan Thomas Bike Path experience a loop route by taking the gravel surfaced Terrace Trail back to your starting point.


Evan Thomas Bike Path

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