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Difficulty: Easy - Family
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Mountain Biking

The Terrace Trail is a gravel recreation path that runs parallel to the Kananaskis River for most of the route, often dipping in and out of the aspen forest along the way. The route connects Kananaskis Village with the Galatea Day Use Area.

canonrebelTerrace Trail is a popular destination in the summer months for mountain biking and hiking. And in the winter, after the snow falls, the popular route is used as a cross country ski trail.

The Terrace Trail measures about 7.5 kilometres one-way. It is considered a easy to moderate trail along a fairly well maintained gravel trail with an elevation gain of only about 120 metres.

The north trailhead entrance is located in Kananaskis Village. The trail starts out as a gravel access road and then quickly transforms into a single track, gravel trail. The south trailhead, located in the Galatea Day Use Area, is also the trailhead entrance to the popular Galatea Hiking Trail.

The most challenging section of the Terrace Trail for mountain bikers and skiers is after the golf course. Here the trail is narrow with some blind corners and plenty of exposed tree trunks, rocks, earth jumps and drops.

There are views along the route of Kananaskis River and the surrounding mountain ranges. The route is an ideal travel route for wilderness sightseeing and possible wildlife sightings while exploring in Kananaskis Country.

There are way more trails in the region. But, one trail to make note of is the paved Evan Thomas Bike Path. When combined with the Terrace Trail, both paths create a ideal loop route for exploring the region around Kananaskis Village.


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