Riverside Park - Okotoks
Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

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Riverside Park - Okotoks

Difficulty: Easy - Family
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The Riverside Park a recreation destination located in the community of Okotoks, Albertain the Southern Alberta Foothills region of Canada. The park is situated on the northern banks of the Sheep River located east of downtown Okotoks, Alberta in the Sheep River Valley.

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Sheep River Park is the main activity destination in the river valley which extends from one end of the community to the other in an east-west direction. Access to the green space areas outside the Sheep River Park are best enjoyed via a 16 kilometre network of trails.

The paved trails follow the banks of the Sheep River. Exploring the river valley to the west of Sheep River Park is the Max Bell Parkway (Trail) and exploring east of the park are the Heritage Parkway (Trail), Woodhaven Parkway (Trail) and the Cimarron Parkway (Trail).

The Okotoks, Alberta, Canada Sheep River Park is a base for activity and a good launching point for activity. The park includes a day use area, washrooms, children's playground, large grass lawns, groves of trees and, even, a fitness circuit.

The day use area in the park includes picnic tables and a picnic shelter. The picnic tables are scattered about - some on the river bank, some hidden in the shade and others out in the open sunshine.

Some of the more popular activities in the Sheep River Park include jogging, walking, biking, roller blading, basketball and picnicking.

If exploring is your thing, this Alberta, Canada park provides access to the main sightseeing trails in Okotoks. The trails lead to attractions, parks and viewpoints including Rotary Park, Riverside Park, Centennial Park, Heritage House and Cimarron Park.


Okotoks, Alberta Canada

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