Okotoks, Alberta, Canada is a river valley community and a unique shopping destination located on the banks of the Sheep River in the Southern Alberta Foothills region of Alberta, Canada. Alberta travel guide Click Here - Plan a trip to Okotoks, Alberta, Canada with the eh Canada Tourism Guide
Beatrice Wyndham Park
Beatrice Wyndham Park
Beatrice Wyndham Park is a small birdwatching and aviation sightseeing park situated in the Air Ranch neighborhood in the community of Okotoks, Alberta. The park is a bird sanctuary, a wildlife preserve and airplane destination.
Erratic Rock
Erratic Rock
Erratic Rock (Big Rock) is a historical site and sightseeing attraction located west of the community of Okotoks. The rock is the largest boulder on the Foothills Erratic Train.
Sheep River Park and Valley
Sheep River Park and Valley
Sheep River Park and Valley is a recreation destination situated on the banks of the Sheep River in the Sheep River Valley of Okotoks, Alberta. Activities include jogging, walking, biking, roller blading, basketball and picnicking.
Riverside Park
Riverside Park
Riverside Park is a recreation park on the banks of the Sheep River. There are baseball diamonds, a soccer field, large grass lawns, river beach, a day use area and a BMX track.
Town of Black Diamond
Town of Black Diamond
A small community located west of Okotoks set in a country setting, enjoying the benefits of small town Alberta, on the doorstep to Kananaskis Country and the Rocky Mountains.
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