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Tunnel Mountain is a popular sightseeing hiking trail located in the community of Banff, Alberta, Canada in the Banff National Park. It is an elevation hiking adventure leading to three lookout points and some sweet views of the Bow Valley, Bow River, Rocky Mountains and the community of Banff, Alberta.

canonrebelThe Tunnel Mountain Trail is a 2.3 kilometre one-way trail with an elevation gain of 260 metres. It should take no longer than 2- 4 hours to complete the adventure and still have some time at the top for a picnic.

The entire Tunnel Mountain Trail in Banff, Alberta consists of many steep back to back switchbacks. The surface is covered with loose gravel, small rocks and dirt. It is challenging, slippery and consistently steep requiring very good foot wear.

During the hike up the mountain there are three lookout points with amazing views. Two of the lookouts are located on the trail on the way up the mountain and one lookout is located at the end of the trail on top of the mountain.

The two lookouts located along the hiking trail are fenced, built on level ground and located on the corner of switchbacks. They are technically called lookout points but from our observation they were used more as resting areas.

The main lookout is a large boulder viewpoint located on top of the mountain. The smooth rock surface, the exposure to the views of the valley make the top lookout a popular spot for pictures, sitting around daydreaming and picnicking.

The trail is challenging and weather conditions can vary. Hikers are often exposed to changing weather conditions like sunshine, wind and rain. It is wise to prepare well, dress in layers and bring liquids.

Expect to see crowds on this hike as it is easily accessible, well publicized and located right in the town of Banff, Alberta, Canada.


Tunnel Mountain

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