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I am so excited. My friend told me about this. I think this is so neat. I just read about your launch of Manitoba so I thought I would share my walk... Show more

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14 Biggest Travel & Tourism Stories, News, Trends, & Tips for the week of February 1st to 7th, 2016. Show more

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Coming in February 2016! We are welcoming Manitoba Canada to our website. Watch this month for the addition of Manitoba to eh Canada Travel. Sign up... Show more

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Storms a coming. Weather (get it) you think it is art or not that is one beauty photo.

Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Can<br />by @Scenics_Abound<br />For photography workshop info
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I often wonder why Tofino gets a lot of media for its storms. Your travelers should know Storm Watching in Nova Scotia is also a reality. Check this out... Show more

Hurricane Arthur Lashes Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Hurricane Arthur - Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia. July 5th 2014 Adventurer/Stormchaser George Kourounis films the crashing waves as the hurricane...

Bears are our favorite land based wildlife to watch and photograph. They just capture our attention every sighting.

Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Can<br />by @Scenics_Abound<br />For photography workshop info

Nova Scotia is looking pretty.

Peggy's Cove, NS<br />by @Scenics_Abound<br />For photography workshop info
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Yukon Territories Travel Guide

Welcome to the Yukon

In the summer, days are long, and the Yukon Territory is the land of the midnight sun. In the Yukon winters, days are short, and the Yukon is the land of the northern lights. Year round, the Yukon, Canada is an adventure destination recognized for its sightseeing highways, wildlife sightings, rivers and lakes, heritage sites and trails, historic buildings, dog sledding, First Nation art, the Klondike Gold Rush and so much more.

The Yukon is a wilderness playground surrounded by wilderness playgrounds. Directly to the south of the Yukon is the Liard River Basin and to the north is the Arctic Circle. To the east is the Mackenzie Mountain Range and to the west are the Ogilvie, St Elias and Dawson Mountain Ranges.

Yukon Canada was first explored via its network of rivers and lakes. The First Nation people explored the waterways for hunting, fishing and traveling from village to village. Then came the miners. They followed the same rivers and lakes in their quest for gold during the Klondike Gold Rush.

Today, the Yukon is a popular choice for travel & RVing because of the network of highways in the Yukon Territory.

Travel to the Yukon, discover historic rivers and lakes through an extensive network of waterways, providing endless opportunities for travel and outdoor activities in the territory like canoeing, fishing, kayaking, river rafting and boating. Adventures like hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, horseback riding and off roading await your participation.

Each community, big and small, provides directions for self guided heritage tours visiting with museums, galleries, historic buildings, sites and artifacts. Your Yukon travel experience can include historic riverboats, trapper cabins, famous poets, writers, roadhouses, motels, saloons, art galleries and so on. There are heritage buildings and artifacts dating back to the 1900s hosted by actors in period clothing.

Travel to the Yukon in the winter months and see the most amazing discplay of the Northern Lights. The days get shorter, the ground is covered in snow, lakes and rivers are frozen and the temperatures drop below zero. Perfect conditions for winter adventures like; dog sledding, alpine skiing, heli-skiing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing and ice fishing.

We welcome you to the north of Canada! Yukon, Canada travel and adventure is just a click away.