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The Murals of Moose Jaw is a self guided tour visiting with 40+ giant size murals decorating the walls of shops, boutiques, stores and heritage buildings in the downtown core of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The murals tell the stories, the culture and the history of the South Saskatchewan region. There is a self guided brouchure one can pick up from tourism businesses in Moose Jaw with the locations of all the murals and the best way to view them.

Photo galleryBecause the murals are scattered throughout the downtown area there are many opportunities to also visit some of the older buildings, many date back to the early 1900s.

Most of the murals are clustered together making viewing easy. The bulk of the murals are best accessed form 1st Avenue and Main Street between Omenica Street (to the north) and Manitoba Street (to the south).

The murals are colorful and, most, are very well done, well maintained and professional. There are murals celebrating people, tradition and culture. There are murals telling stories of success and hardships.

The murals celebrating people include ``Louis Riel`` (a Metis leader), ``Ken Brown`` (WW II Pilot), the ``Clarke Brothers`` (an artists and entrepreneur), Sunka Hansa (Shaman of Sitting Bulls Village), Lewis Rice ( Photographer) and the Sisters of Sion.

Some of the murals paying tribute include ``The Age of Theatre``, ``The Chinese Community``, ``Veterinarians``, ``Education``, Baseball``, "Farmers", "The Ukrainian Community" and "The Streetcar".

And there are murals telling stories about ``Prohibition``, ``The Roaring 1920s``, "WW I I and II", "The Automobile", "The Coming of Electricity", "Winter Carnivals" and "Fire Fighters".


Moose Jaw Murals
Moose Jaw

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