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The Joy of Public Transportation: The TTC

With 75 subway stops and 140 bus routes, riding the Toronto Transit Commission is an underrated way for adventure seekers to explore Toronto. 

Some beautiful places can't be discovered without getting lost.

by Erol Ozan

            Pictured above: Yours Truly taking a selfie at Finch station last summer, waiting for the 53B to bring her to Pacific               Mall. 

Short on funds? Not sure where to go? Are you itching to explore but don't have time for a full-on getaway? Look no further, the TTC is here. 

Grab a PRESTO card, load it up with a day pass and - quite literally - go to town. Get your money's worth and make it an all-day adventure. Available to purchase at various retail outlets within the city, the PRESTO card allows TTC riders to get a bang out of their buck. Check out www.presto.ca for detailed information. 

For my first TTC-related blog post I will showcase two of my favourite streetcar routes:

-The 501 Queen streetcar. This route is almost 25 kilometres long and is a must for people-watching. For the fashionistas out there, you'll be sure to spot some real great style. The TTC is also an excellent place to show off your own fashion sense, as exemplified by my Aldo shoes selfie: 

                                                              Killer shoes right? Haha ok, moving along. 

The 512 St. Clair West Streetcar. The St. Clair West neighbourhood boasts a number of cool local businesses and things to do, which will be showcased in an upcoming blog post. The St. Clair/Dufferin branch of the Toronto Public Library is just a quick hop away and is very convenient when a library lover has fifteen books to check out and doesn't want to lug them home. (Not naming any names here, haha...)

 How cool is this? Who needs a picture of the 512 Streetcar when a gorgeous mural exists in Feel Good Lane? Check out   this alley, it's got a lot of really incredible mural art. Located just north of St. Clair West near Arlington Ave.

Blogging is fun but hearing from others is even better! For those who have had the opportunity to check out the Toronto streetcar routes, which ones are your faves and why? If the TTC is on your list of things to try out this summer, which routes are you itching to explore? 

Until next time,

Your TTC adventure seeker,

Janel Coe

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Sonya Richmond on Wednesday, 14 July 2021 16:30

cool article!

cool article!
Janel Coe on Wednesday, 21 July 2021 02:56

Thanks Sonya

Thanks Sonya :)
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