Balancing Rock Hiking Trail

Trail Length: 1.8 kilometres

Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:
Interpretive Signs
Wildlife Watching

Balancing Rock Hiking Trail

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Balancing Rock is a freak of nature overlooking St. Mary's Bay created by hundreds of years of wind and ocean storms. How it continues to stand no one knows. The basalt column of rock stands 9 metres (20 foot) tall and sits on the edge of a cliff. To access the viewing platform one must take a 1.8 kilometre trail. As you approach the end of the trail there are 235 or so stairs leading down to the viewing area.

What are the Top Things To Do, Activities, and Adventures at the Balancing Rock Hiking Trail?

Balancing Rock Hiking Trail adventures, and activities most enjoyed include hiking, sightseeing, photography, birding (birdwatching) and wildlife watching.

Why Balancing Rock Hiking Trail?

Because it is a natural wonder. It goes against the law of physics. It is nature's work of art created by wind and ocean over time. Plus the hike to the lookout is pretty cool too, especially the end exploring the cliffs down a boardwalk.

What are the features and amenities at the Balancing Rock Hiking Trail?

The more important, some would say only, features, amenities, services located in and around Balancing Rock Hiking Trail includes parking, picnic area, information signs, and a lookout.

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Balancing Rock Hiking Trail
Digby Necks and Islands Scenic Drive


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