Tidnish Suspension Bridge


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Tidnish Suspension Bridge

Amherst, Nova Scotia Parks Guide

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Tidnish Suspension Bridge (also referred to as the Keystone Suspension Bridge) is a highlight feature along the Henry Ketchum Hiking Trail near the community of Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada. Once you find the trailhead it is a short 10 minute walk through the forest to this suspension bridge and some great river views.

What are the Top Things To Do, Activities, and Adventures at the Tidnish Suspension Bridge?

Tidnish Suspension Bridge adventures, and activities most enjoyed include hiking, and sightseeing. The trick to this hard to find gem is actually finding it. But once you do, you will not be disappointed.

Why Tidnish Suspension Bridge?

Just because you can. It is a little known gem in the forests, which provides you some satisfaction of being in nature on such a cool suspension bridge.

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Tidnish Suspension Bridge
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