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"There is no better travel website that is more Canadian than eh Canada!" Isabelle T.

"It's nice to come across a website every once in a while that isn't the same bias out of date rehashed material. Wonderful read." Doyle Atkins

"Dan and I both think the ehCanada Travel.com website and all it covers is spot on......it is well thought out and brings out what is really happening in our industry ~ it has many choices and options to fit everyone's budget and situation. There are many companies competing for our advertising dollars and we think ehCanada Travel.com is by far the best one available and recommend it highly...From the first time we met you and you explained what you do, you have worked with us and are always available to answer our questions and have suggested other options to help us with getting our word out about Dunroven B&B Sea Cottage ~ Farm & Forge. ehCanada Travel is always updating it's coverage and has innovating ideas to help our business." Dunroven B&B

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