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The company started out of a basement, as a side project, building and managing travel websites for communities by night and working "suit and tie" jobs by day. Slowly, the brothers merged into creating their own brand of travel websites. In total, at its peak, there were 9 community and regional tourism websites. Some have sold, others merged into ehCanadaTravel.com. In 2014 ehCanadaTravel.com was born. Today, ehCanadaTravel.com is Canada's fastest growing adventure website with 700+ communities all linked together, posting thousands of business listings, 16,000+ photos, 5000+ parks, trails, lakes, rivers and beaches and hundreds of historical sites. ehCanadaTravel.com is the most in-tuned website about current technology trends, and traveler habits. It is the first tourism website in Canada where tourism businesses, travelers and ehCanadaTravel.com can add content to the website. These content creators are referred to as "Canadian Travel Influencers". On social media look it up #CanadianTravelInfluencers".

How ehCanadaTravel.com rolls ...

ehCanadaTravel.com is a "boots-on-the-ground" tourism website. The co founding brothers, and fellow ambassadors, self research the entire country. 99% of the text information and photos provided on the website comes from their cross country road trips researching communities, adventures, parks, trails and places. The brothers are people persons. They enjoy being on the road living in tents, campers, hotels and/or vacation homes. Meeting people in the tourism industry, learning more about Canada and sharing tourism knowledge is how they roll. When they are not rolling, you can find them hunkering down in a rental home somewhere in Canada researching a region and working on the website. Where is their home base? Their office is in Parksville, BC, Canada on Vancouver Island. The best way to reach them? Call the toll free number, email or yell really loud.

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