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Park Size: 722 hectare

Difficulty: Easy - Family
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Horseback Riding
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Brandon Hills is a recreation destination located south of the community of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. The parkland is a Wildlife Management Area (WMA) protecting some of the last mature forests in the region.
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Brandon Hills consists of rolling hills, mud swamps, prairie grasslands, meadows and large mixed groves of aspen and oak trees. During the spring months the trails are covered in snowberry, wolf willow and various flowers which light up the trails with colors.

The 722 hectare Wildlife Management Area is a protected parkland which is home to wildlife including the white tailed deer, snowshoe hares, coyote, bear, elk and many bird species. During the winter months the population of deer increases.

Brandon Hills enjoys an extensive single track network of recreation trails. The trails are popular for biking, hiking and horseback riding in the summer months and cross country skiing in the winter months. In the fall months beware that their is hunting in the region.

Trail signage in some areas is poor so pay attention. There is a trail map at the entrance of the main parking lot. Beware that some sections of the trails include exposed tree roots, rocks, mud and deadfall trees for high-stepping over. There are resting benches on some of the trails. Mosquitoes can be an issue at times so prepare for bugs.

The main trails are mostly loop routes which then connect to single track routes and larger one way routes. The main trails are listed as A, B, C Loop Trails. Most of the trails are forested and under the cover of trees.

The trails include a 2 km, 2.5 km (A Loop), 5.0 km loop (B Loop) and a larger perimeter loop trail measuring 7.5 km (C Loop). The 5 km loop trail connects to the 2.5 km loop trail at the peak of the loop and the 7.5 km loop connects at the peak of the loop of the 5 km trail.

From the larger perimeter loop trail or from the east parking lot on Road #344 one can connect to more trails. The additional trails explore deeper into the woods and may not be as well maintained or marked.

These trails are popular for mountain biking and cross country skiing as they are more technical. The recreation trails include Pauls' Trail, North Face (4.4 km one-way), The Swamp, Out N' Back, Grand Downhill (1.4 km one-way), Bald Hills (3.7 km one-way) and the Burning Bush.

Brandon Hills is a very popular destination in the winter months for competitive cross country skiing because there is a warming hut and the trails are very well groomed.

Brandon Hills, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, Western Region


Brandon Hills
Ferguson Road

How To Get ToBrandon Hills

Travel the Trans Canada Hwy (Hwy #1) to Brandon Manitoba. From Brandon travel on Hwy #10 south to Ferguson Road. Take a left onto Ferguson Road and drive to the end and take a right. On your left is the parking lot to the trails. It is 13 kilometres from Brandon.
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