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Broadway Promenade is a linear park and a recreation pathway located in the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The pathway visits a a festival site and exhibits detailing the forts and fur trading history of the region.

The Broadway Promenade is a walking, biking, jogging, sightseeing and rollerblading pathway connecting the City of Winnipeg with the french quarter of St. Boniface.

The promenade explores through The Forks National Historic Site of Canada . On the east end of the trail is the Esplanade Riel Pedestrian Bridge and at the west entrance of the trail is the Union Train Station and access to Broadway Avenue.

The route is well landscaped, maintained and forested with over 200+ elm trees. The pathway is paved, level and easy going. The promenade is suitable for all fitness levels. There are sitting benches located on the trail. The route is also wheelchair and baby stroller friendly.

On the grounds of The Forks National Historic Site of Canada the Broadway Promenade travels in an east-west direction. The trail visits an event and festival site, a skateboard park, the Red Riverwalk and a cultural and historical site known as the "Peace Meeting" Site.

The Peace Gardens dates back 500 years ago. It was here, on this very spot, when thousands of First Nation people gathered to discuss the process of establishing peace in the region. They called the special ceremony a "Peace Meeting" hence the term "Peace Meeting" Site".

The "Peace Meeting" resting area on the Broadway Promenade details the history of the event held between the First Nation people and European settlers. There are exhibits representing the elements of water, fire and earth. There are modern-day structures as well like the two giant cottage country Adirondack chairs and a water fountain.

Promenade Pathway, Forks National Historic Site of Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Promenade Pathway

How To Get ToPromenade Pathway

Many access the Broadway Promenade from the Forks National Historic Site of Canada (The Forks) or the Train Station.
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