Kettle Stones Provincial Park

Park Size: 4 sq. kilometres
Park Amenities:

Kettle Stones Provincial Park is a historical geological destination located in the backcountry hills known as Kettle Hills in the Swan-Pelican Provincial Forest. The community of Swan River, Manitoba is the closest community to the park with a selection of services and it is located northeast of the park.

The provincial park is a small park measuring only 4 square kilometers. The landscape consists of wildflower meadows and groves of mixed forest trees including cedar, juniper, aspen, spruce, jack pine and birch.

Kettle Stones are the natural attractions in the park. They are a series of unique stone structures made of sandstone sediment, molded by time. The stone structures stand like pillars in open fields, perch on the side of forested hillsides and act like flower pots with existing trees growing out of the top.

The sandstone rock structures range in size. Some of the bigger rocks are over 4 metres (18 feet) tall. The Kettle Stones Provincial Park is the only known destination in Manitoba, Canada where one can observe these geological wonders in an undisturbed, natural environment.

The park is accessed via gravel roads. At times the roads are not passable, so best to make sure prior to your departure. When in the park it is best to try and not disturb the sensitive environment. Vehicles are not to leave the road at anytime and please stay on existing trails.

There are no services in the park - no day use picnic site, no water and no washrooms. pack out what you pack in. Leave no trace behind.

Kettle Stones Provincial Park, Manitoba, Canada, Parkland Region


Kettle Stones Provincial Park
Road #268
Swan River


Located in: Parkland Region

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