Wetland Pond
Water views along the Ingraham Hwy

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Mile 0
Start of highway near Yellowknife

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Ingraham Highway
Highway route for recreation

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Views of Cameron River

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River Seating
Was someone expecting us

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Cameron River
Found a roadside access to river

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Prosperous Lake
Views of lake from shorline

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Long Pier
Seating for two on Prosperous Lake

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Prosperous Lake
Pebbled shoreline on lake

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Prosperous Lake Park Sign
Entrance on Ingraham Trail

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Interpretive Signs
Information on the Prelude Nature Trail

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Prelude Lake Nature Trail
Hiking trail with information signs

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Trail Marker
Tree markers on Prelude Nature Trail

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Nature Trail
Interpretive hiking trail near Prelude Lake

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Trail Map
Route for the Prelude Lake Nature trail

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