Hiking Trail
Cameron River
Views from riverbank trail

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The Lookout
It is really just a high rock bluff

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Cameron Falls Lookout
EH Tourism researching the trails

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Cameron River
River of the falls from lookout

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Cameron Falls
The falls from the lookout

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Cameron Falls
Waterfall on the trail

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Rocky Road
And we ain`t talking ice cream

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Boardwalk Stairs
Going down, down, down

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EH Tourism Researching
Hiking the Cameron Falls Trail

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Trail Markers
Like walking on moon rock

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Hiking Trail
Getting close to the top.. we think.

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Hiking Trail
Exploring the forest before the falls

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Boardwalk Trail
Hiking Trail to the falls

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Information Box
Trailhead sign and information

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Trailhead Sign
Ingraham Road trail sign

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