Swimming Pool
Outdoor pool

3197 hits

Box Lake
A swimming pier and launch for boats

2266 hits

Walking Departure Bay Beach

4665 hits

Waterfront Walkway

3337 hits

Waterfront Walkway

2861 hits

Fisheye Lake
Views of the lake

5550 hits

Lake Pier
EH Tourism researching Pine Lake in Haines Junction

5491 hits

Rope Swing
Came across a rope swing but had no swimming trunks

3408 hits

Long Lake
Enjoying time at the lake's shores

5450 hits

Hiking Trail
Hiking trail around Long Lake

4081 hits

Pier for canoeing, swimming and non powered boats

4671 hits

Children on Second Wye Lake

3338 hits

Second Wye Lake
Kids swimming from pier

3772 hits

Second Wye Lake
Clouds and Reflections

3200 hits

Children on Second Wye Lake

3526 hits