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Day Use Area

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Kimbol Lake Picnic Area
The picnic table in the forests at the end of the hiking trail on the alpine lake

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Picnic Area
Picnic area with tables in Gyro Park

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Sand Dollar

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Waterfront Walkway

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Picnic Area
Picnic site by the Bonanza Creek

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Picnic Shelter
Place to have a picnic on the beach

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Meeting of Friends
Friends meet on the ground of the SS Klondike

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Waterfront Picnicking
What a view for getting hungry

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Picnic Shelter
Shelter in Day Use Area

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Day Use Area
Picnicking in park

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Picnic Site
Madeline Lake Day Use Area

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Day Use Sites on Long Lake

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Picnic Area
Picnicking under the plane

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Picnic Shelter
Kitchen Shelter located on hiking trail

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