Beautiful Bay Trail


Located in: Sointula

Trail Length: 5 kilometre

Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:

Beautiful Bay Trail is the most challenging and rugged trail located on Malcolm Island, British Columbia, Canada. Malcolm Island is situated off the northern east coast of Vancouver Island near the community of Port McNeill, BC.

The Beautiful Bay Trail is a moderate hike along an earthy trail with exposed tree roots, some hills and protruding boulders. The 5 kilometre route explores through the island's forest leading to hill tops with views of the surrounding ocean waters. The most popular viewpoint are the Malcolm and Numas Lookouts.

Some of the highlights visited along the route include the lookouts, a 212 ft high Sitka Spruce, Puoli Vali Canyon and of course Sandy Beach. The many beach exits, at various points along the trail, and the ever-changing tides provide hikers access to the island's waterfront. Using the beach access points allows hikers to create a scenic circle route.
Beautiful Bay Trail, Sointula, Malcolm Island, Northern Gulf Islands, BC, Canada


Beautiful Bay Trail
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Located in: Sointula
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