Mount Prevost


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Mount Prevost

Mount Prevost is one of the mountainous landmarks towering over the community of Duncan, BC on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The mountain is easily identified by the two humps sitting on the peak of the mountain.

The mountain is a wilderness destination popular for many outdoor activities including mountan biking, hiking, hang gliding and sightseeing.

There are a number of recreation routes on the Mount Prevost. Most of the routes are single track trails. The main route leading to the top is an old access gravel road. The road is used to access the peak quickly or used as a route to shuttle mountain bikers to the top so they can take the trails down.

Mountain bikers and hikers will enjoy the rough trails and wilderness environment. Bikers will particularly enjoy some of the drops, jumps and ladders built on the trails. There are trails for, both, novice to extreme mountain bikers located on the hill.

Located at the top of Mount Prevost are two monuments. One memorial was erected in 1929 honouring WW1 veterans. The second memorial was erected soon later honouring the WW2 veterans. Although there is a memorial park at the summit of Mt. Prevost most of the trails are rough, poorly marked and not well maintained.

From the cairn at the peak of Mount Prevost are some amazing views of the valley. The memorial stands tall at 10 metres. The cliffs drop straight down. The views extend out over the Cowichan Valley reaching Salt Spring Island



Mount Prevost
Mount Prevost Road.

How To Get ToMount Prevost

Travel to the community of Duncan, BC on Vancouver Island via Highway #1. North of the community on Hwy #1 is Highway #18. Turn west onto Highway #18 and continue traveling for 1.4 kilometres until you reach Somenos Rd. Turn here and drive 2 kilometres to Mount Prevost Road.
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