Chemainus River Provincial Park

Park Size: 119 hectares
Park Amenities:
Horseback Riding

Chemainus River Provincial Park is a recreation day-use park located southwest of the community of Chemainus, BC on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The 119 hectare park follows the banks of the Chemainus River and is best known as a swimming hole. A very popular swimming hole. 
The parkland was once part of the lands of the Cowichan, Nanaimo and Chemainus First Nation people. In the later years the park  was established in 1959 to protect the floodplain and sensitive riparian areas along the river's shores. 

The activities enjoyed in the river park include hiking, river kayaking, swimming, horseback riding,  tubing, canoeing and fishing. In the river are steelhead and coho salmon for fly fishing. A fishing license is required in British Columbia.

The park has no real hiking trail system. The trails in the park are rough and follow horseback riding and animal trails. Hiking in the park is mostly enjoyed along the banks of the river. In many cases, many visitors just end up following the river to one of the many swimming pools or picnic sites. There are no designated swimming holes or picnic sites in the park. Swimming holes are identified by a crowd of people. Picnicking is enjoyed on a blanket anywhere along the river.


Chemainus River Provincial Park
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Located in: Chemainus

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