Princess Louisa Provincial Marine Park


Located in: Egmont
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Park Amenities:
Boat Launch
Marine Park
Wildlife Watching

Princess Louisa Inlet's canyon walls and rainbow waterfalls is a magical "must-see" destination for many departing on a boating voyage, kayaking adventure or float plane experience in the Sunshine Coast region. The mode of transportation has a big impact on your departure point and travel time. The closest villages with marinas would be Egmont followed by Saltery Bay and Earl's Cove.

Whether by plane, kayak or boat all trips end up navigating up Jervis Inlet through Queens Reach eventually arriving at the natural wonders of the Princess Louisa Inlet and Chatterbox Falls. Such a gem of a waterfall exhibiting such power and beauty. Chatterbox Falls is properly protected and preserved within the 65 hectare Princess Louisa Marine Provincial Park.

The Sunshine Coast voyage passes by some other natural wonders during the trip so plan properly. Wildlife viewing is splendid with opportunity to view Black Bears, Bald Eagles, deer and much more. One of the trips highlights exploring Jervis Inlet, is Skookumchuck Narrows and Waterfalls just 90 km south of Princess Louisa Inlet and Chatterbox Falls.

The tour to Princess Louisa Inlet and Chatterbox Falls is a trip through time while discovering nature. Because of the nearby mountains, the run off water from the snow melting creates, something like, 50 waterfalls. A natural phenomenon lasting until late June. The grand daddy waterfall, dropping 45 metres, is the beautiful Chatterbox Falls.
Princess Louisa Inlet, Sunshine Coast, Egmont, British Columbia, Canada


Princess Louisa Provincial Marine Park
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Located in: Egmont
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