Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park

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Park Size: 978 hectare
Park Amenities:
Horseback Riding
Mountain Biking

Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park is a recreation destination park on the shores of Kalamalka Lake in Coldstream which is located south of the community of Vernon, BC in the North Okanagan Valley. 
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The 978 hectare park was established in 1995 and, today, it is best known as a trail and beach park. The highlights of the park include the large lake, the sandy beaches, the network of trails and the desert grasslands, wetlands, canyons and forests filled with ponderosa pine, black cottonwood and douglas-fir trees. 

The green-blue waters of Kalamalka Lake, the secluded coves and the sandy beaches make the park popular for swimming, canoeing, and picnicking. Hiking, biking, jogging, horseback riding and cross country skiing are enjoyed in the park because of the large network of paved and gravel trails.

The network of loop trails and connector trails lead to three main bays located on Kalamalka Lake. The bays are named Jade, Juniper and Cosen Bays. Jade Bay is less populated, more private and includes a sandy beach. Juniper Bay is larger, more open and therefore more popular thus providing more amenities like picnic tables, a swimming area, grass lawns, some pit toilets and viewing benches.

The trails in the park vary. They vary in condition and in length. Many are paved trails and some are gravel trails. Some trails are short, easy grade paved walking routes with viewing benches and interpretive signs explaining the diverse wildlife, flora and fauna located in the park. Trails like the well maintained Juniper, Grassland and Crest Trails.

Other trails in the Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park are longer and involve elevation hiking leading to lookouts and viewpoints like Turtles Head Point and Rattlesnake Hill. And then there are trails which connect to other longer trails leading out of the park like the Okanagan High Rim Trail and the Deep Lake Trail. In total the trail network in the park stretches 14 kilometres.

The Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park experiences very hot temperatures in the summer months creating very dry conditions. The wildlife and the landscape in the park have adapted to the conditions. Wildlife spotted in the park include bear, coyote, red squirrel, deer, mink, northwestern chipmunk, bobcat and red fox.

Reptiles tend to enjoy the dry climate the most in the park. Reptiles in the park include northeastern garter snake, western painted turtle, western rattlesnake, pacific rubber boa, western yellow-bellied racer, gopher snake, common garter snake, spadefoot toad, and northern alligator lizard.

It is important to note dogs are not permitted in the park except at Cosens Bay.
Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park, Vernon, BC in the Okanagan Valley


Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park
Hwy 6

How To Get ToKalamalka Lake Provincial Park

Kalamalka Lake Park is located 7 km south of the community of Vernon, BC off of Hwy 6 in Coldstream. Access to trails and parking lots are on Kidston Road, Cunliffe Road and Cosens Bay Road. If all else fails follow the signs from Highway #6 to the park.
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