Centennial Park

Fort St. John

Located in: Fort St. John
Fort St. John

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Skateboard Park
Splash Park

Centennial Park is the main community park entertaining locals and visitors located in the downtown core of the community of Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada. The park is a delight for all ages and all fitness levels as it is a destination park with picnic tables and viewing benches not a network of hard core wilderness trails.

The public grounds are well maintained with each grass field explored by a paved walking path uncovering various sections of the park including dedicated plaques, honorary monuments and various flower garden displays. The walkway is nothing long or extreme but a short casual stroll exploring around the park providing a quick glance at all the activity.

Some of the monuments onsite pay tribute to war veterans, the founders of the park and to one of British Columbia's greatest explorers - Alexander Mackenzie. There is a metal bear sculpture worth viewing onsite also provided by a local artisan of North BC.

Beside the picnic tables and viewing benches in the park there is also a water park and playground in the back of the park that is ideal for families with young children. The playground is next door to the a sand volleyball court and a wicked little skateboard park.

The parking lot is huge as it services many recreational buildings in the area. The same parking lot of the park is connected to a curling arena and skating rink. Across the lawns of Centennial Park and opposite the parking lot is a museum with historical artifacts and the towns history recorded for all to view.

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Centennial Park
93 Avenue
Fort St. John
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Located in: Fort St. John
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