Fort Langley National Historic Site of Canada
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Fort Langley (National Historic Site of Canada is a fur trading post once operated by the Hudson's Bay Company. The fort was a post for trading furs, supplies and guns with the Kwantlen First Nation people of the region, as well as, a transportation depot for exporting goods to far away lands.

Fort Langley was originally built in 1827 on the southern banks of the Fraser River about 55 kilometres from the mouth of the river. The historic site was strategically built on the Fraser River because the surrounding mountains and river rapids upstream provided protection from attacks.

The fort exported furs to Europe, cranberries and salmon to USA and produce to Russians occupying what is now Alaska. The historic fort was also where British Columbia became a crown colony in 1858.

Today the site of the Fort Langley is located 12 kilometres upstream from its original location. The original location of Fort Langley is commemorated by a plaque and cairn in what is now called Derby Reach Regional Park.

Fort Langley Historic Site of Canada is one of the more popular attractions in the Metro Vancouver region today. The fortress includes historic buildings, artifacts and costumed period actors. These actors are happy to answer your questions and tell their stories.

Inside the wooden walls of the fort a gravel path connects visitors to various buildings, exhibits, displays and artifacts. The buildings on the path include a blacksmith shop, lookout towers (bastions), 1840s storehouse, theatre, 1872 depot, big house (home of the chief trader) and a storage house.

Some of the other items on display with historical importance include the bateau (boats used for transporting goods), cooperage (barrel building shelter), fur press, bake oven and sawpit.

The costumed period actors also provide interpretive tours, demonstrations and host interactive events like gold panning, blacksmithing, barrel-making, theatre presentations and canoe adventures.

There are amenities onsite in Fort Langley to service visitors like a gift shop, washrooms, information centre, day use picnic area (picnic shelter, tables), cafe restaurant and catering services.

Explore Fort Langley (National Historic Site of Canada) in Langley, British Columbia, Canada


Fort Langley National Historic Site of Canada
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Located in: Langley
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