Fishtrap Creek Park


Located in: Abbotsford

Park Amenities:
Dog Walking
Interpretive Signs
Wildlife Watching

Fishtrap Creek Park is an activity park, as well as, a stormwater storage basin system located in the community of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.

To reduce the possibility of flooding, stormwater storage basins were constructed on the upper sections of the creek to control the flow of flooding so to protect the urban neighborhoods and to drain the farmlands.

Fishtrap Creek Park was built around the storage basins. The development of the stormwater system created a new landscape of forest, wetlands, spits, islands and marsh.

The new geography created an opportunity for a park. A recreation trail was added, as well as, a day use picnic area, picnic shelter, sightseeing benches, grass lawns, information signs and lookout viewpoints.

The trails, spits, sightseeing benches and lookouts are popular for birdwatching. There are opportunities to view waterfowl and song birds in the park. Other activities enjoyed include walking and jogging.

The main trail in the park is level and easy going so it is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Being that the trail is paved it is wheelchair and baby stroller friendly also. The main trail is part of the larger Discovery Trail.

The Discovery Trail is a 30+ recreation trail which explores the community of Abbotsford and connects to Fishtrap Creek Park.

Explore Fishtrap Creek Park, Abbotsford, British Columbia, BC, Canada


Fishtrap Creek Park
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Located in: Abbotsford
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