Bowron Lake Provincial Park


Park Size: 149,207 hectares
Park Amenities:
Wilderness Camp

Bowron Lake Provincial Park in North Cariboo-Chilcotin Region, British Columbia, Canada is a protected wilderness park with a collection of 10 connected lakes surrounded by natural beauty consisting of rugged forests, wetland marshes, grassland bogs, wildlife and snow capped mountain peaks. Bowron Lake was established in 1925 as a Game Reserve and in 1961 the park officially became a provincial park.

The Bowron Lakes Park encompasses over 149,207 hectares and is best viewed as one of BC's best known canoe and kayak paddle routes. The 116.4 kilometre paddle route explores 10 beautiful lakes, a few rivers and 6-7 portage trails. The lake and portages create a scenic circle route known as the Bowron Lakes Paddle Route. The circle route is decorated by the McCabe Ridge, McLeod & Tediko Peaks, Mowdish Range and Needle Point Ridge.

The canoe route begins at the Registration Office on Bowron Lake. From Bowron Lake explorers paddle and portage Kibbee, Indianpoint, Isaac, McLeary, Lanezi, Sandy, Unna, Babcock, Skoi, Spectacle and Swan Lakes. The entire canoe route takes, anywhere, from 7 to 10 days to complete. A shorter paddle route is available from Bowron Lake to Unna Lake. It is a 3-4 day return trip.

Along the Bowron Lakes Paddle Route is a series of wilderness tenting sites, shelters, Ranger Cabins, cooking shelters and emergency phone booths. The shelters are not for camping but for cooking and drying equipment. Camping is restricted to the cleared tenting sites on the route. The cabins are used just for emergency use.

Many individuals arrive in the park ready to paddle the route as part of a guided tour. Each tour includes lessons, equipment and an interpretive guide. A more experienced paddler familiar with the "J" stroke, open water rescue and wilderness survival camping techniques set out on their own private adventure. Self guided canoeists and kayakers should always paddle in groups.

The Bowron Lake Canoe Route is also a great adventure for wildlife sightseeing opportunities. The park is home to such wildlife as caribou herds, mountain goats, black bears, grizzlies, beavers, moose, salmon and a wide selection of birds. No trip is complete without a camera and binoculars.

Explore Bowron Lake Provincial Park in North Cariboo-Chilcotin Region, British Columbia, Canada


Bowron Lake Provincial Park

How To Get ToBowron Lake Provincial Park

From the community of Quesnel travel north (or travel south from the community of Prince George) on Highway 97. Located just outside of Quesnel is Highway 26 (The Heritage Highway) leading east to Wells, Bowron Lakes and Barkerville. Continue down Highway 26 to the Bowron Lake Road turn off. Take the turn and continue to the lake.
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