Dickson Dam



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Dickson Dam is a sightseeing destination on the Red Deer River located west of the community of Innisfail, Alberta, Canada. The construction of the dam created Gleniffer Lake.

Innisfail, Alberta parks, photo galleySurrounding the dam on Gleniffer Lake are viewpoint lookouts, boat launches, day use picnic areas and sandy beaches.

The Dickson Dam is a 15MW hydroelectric structure which controls the outflow from Gleniffer Lake. The lakes inflow is the Red Deer River. The dam began operating in 1992.

The construction of the dam created the Dickson Dam-Cottonwood Provincial Recreation Area. A recreation area popular for swimming, camping, wind surfing, fishing and water skiing.

Gleniffer Lake is a popular fishing destination. The lake is stocked with pike, trout, walleye and whitefish. A fishing license is required to fish in Alberta.


Dickson Dam

How To Get ToDickson Dam

Travel to Innisfail, Alberta, Canada. From downtown Innisfail travel 20 kilometres west on Little Red Deer Road or via Highway #54 to Gleniffer Lake and the Dickson Dam.
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