Strathcona Island Park

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Strathcona Island Park is picnic park and recreation destination situated on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River in the community of

Medicine Hat, Alberta photo galleryThe park is a day use picnic park with some beautiful green space areas, some good tree cover providing shade and some well maintained paved and red rock gravel trails providing activity.

Much of the landscape of the Strathcona Island Park is decorated with large green grass lawns, groves of trees and a river environment full of views, activity and exposed sandy beaches.

The trails in the Strathcona Island Park follow the south banks of the South Saskatchewan River. Located on the main paved trail are sightseeing benches, information signs, river access points and lookout viewpoints.

In Strathcona Island Park there are day use picnic sites, playgrounds, a spray water park, washrooms, ball diamonds, kitchen shelters, a park pavilion centre and access to a boat launch.

There is a paved road leading to a large parking lot in Strathcona Island Park. From the parking lot you can access the 5 kilometres of paved recreation trails exploring, both, the Strathcona Island Park and Lions Park.

The main paved trail in the Strathcona Island Park is part of the Heritage Trail System of Medicine Hat. The Strathcona Island Park main trail connects to Lions Park in the north and the Kin Coulee Park in the southwest.

The Heritage Trail System is part of a network of recreation paths popular for biking, jogging, walking, hiking, picnicking, roller blading and more.


Strathcona Island Park
Medicine Hat


Located in: Medicine Hat Parks
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