Porcupine Hills PLUZ Alberta Canada


Park Size: 1500 km2
Trail Length: Over 230km

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Wilderness Camp
X Country Skiing
Dog Walking
Horseback Riding
Mountain Biking
Pet Friendly
Wildlife Watching

Porcupine Hills in Alberta Canada

A Southern Alberta Public Land Use Zone

Porcupine Hills PLUZ is located in southern Alberta 60km west of Claresholm that was established in 2018. Leaving from Claresholm, take the 520 west which is a beautiful scenic drive in the foothills. This PLUZ is 1,500 square kilometers of wilderness and backroads. PLUZ stands for Public Land Use Zone also known as crownland. These PLUZs can be found throughout the province and are where you are most welcome to drive your UTVs, ATVs, Snowmobiles, or any other off-roading vehicles. Hunting, fishing, horseback riding, camping, and target shooting are some other activities often enjoyed in PLUZs. Obey signs, permits, and trail information for the areas you are enjoying. 


Random Camping/Crownland Camping in Porcupine Hills 

Go for a road trip and find that perfect tucked away spot to go camping! Crownland camping is much different than camping in a campground. Just pick your spot and set up shop! As long as it is not within 1 km of a provincial recreation area. Be courteous of others and always clean up after yourself. There won't be any washrooms while random camping, so go prepared and learn how to properly deal with your waste. Do not leave toilet paper everywhere! As of June 1, 2021, a Public Lands Camping Pass is required to random camp on public land along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. This can be attained from the Government of Alberta's website. 


Fishing and Hunting in the area

The Porcupine Hills are a great place to do some hunting. With numerous rivers and creeks, it's a busy area for wildlife and a decent place to try your luck at fishing. Watch out for cougars and bears as there is a healthy population of them in these hills. It's wise to carry your bear spray year round. Furthermore, upland game bird hunters will find several species of grouse in this area as well. It's important to follow the regulations for the area you are hunting or fishing. Be aware, during the fall hunting season this area can get quite busy with hunters. 


Trails in Porcupine Hills PLUZ 

Come explore around 215 km of motorized trails for off-road use as well as a 17 km non-motorized trail that begins on East Trout Creek Road. Conveniently, you'll find 115 km of designated snowmobile trails to enjoy during the winter months.


4 Seasons in the Hills

Any time of year is beautiful to visit this PLUZ just west of Claresholm Alberta. You can find the area teaming with wildlife, wildflowers, and beautiful hills overlooking the mountains. Set up camp and enjoy the freedom of random camping under the stars. Get active and hike in to do some hunting or fishing. Enjoy the pristine snow covered hills with your cross-country skis or snowshoes and enjoy the silence of winter. The trees within Porcupine Hills PLUZ are almost entirely conifers such as lodgepole pine, white spruce, and douglas fir. There are some Aspen trees, but not nearly as many in comparison to the coniferous trees in the area.


Wildlife in Porcupine Hills Alberta 

 Wildlife in the area consists of black bears, grizzly bears, moose, elk, deer, wolves, and mountain lions. In the higher regions, you can also spot some mountain goats and bighorn sheep. There is a wide variety of birds that either call this place home or are passing through depending on the time of year. There are cattle all over roaming around during grazing season so watch for them as well.


Enjoy your time in Porcupine Hills 

Come prepared for a backcountry adventure. There are cattle all over the place during grazing season so watch for them as well. No amenities, no cell service (in most places), just you and nature. Whether it's for a day or 2 weeks, you're sure to enjoy the peaceful surroundings in this awesome southern Alberta PLUZ. 

Alberta Public Land Use Zone Near Calgary


Porcupine Hills PLUZ Alberta Canada
49° 58' 22.98" N 114° 5' 13.672" W

How To Get ToPorcupine Hills PLUZ Alberta Canada

Leaving from Claresholm, take the 520 west which is a beautiful scenic drive in the foothills.
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