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The Mill Creek Park is picnic and activity park located in the community of Edmonton in the Central Alberta region of Canada. The park was named after an 1878 grist mill which was operated by a local pioneer named William Bird.

Edmonton, Alberta park photo galleryThe Mill Creek Park is part of a very large network of river valley parks lining both banks of the North Saskatchewan River. However, the northern boundaries of the park are only on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River as the park stretches north-south following a ravine.

The network of parks on the North Saskatchewan River are connected by an extensive trail system of paved, gravel and chip wood trails referred to as the River Valley Trails. Together with the other river valley parks Edmonton enjoys one of the largest areas of community parkland in North America.

The Mill Creek Ravine Park is located near the Jackie Parker Recreational Area and the Millwoods Golf Course.

The trails traveling through Mill Creek Park run along the banks of a ravine and are popular routes for walking, biking, jogging, rollerblading, swimming and picnicking.

The Mill Creek Ravine Park includes picnic tables with BBQ pits, an outdoor swimming pool, sitting benches, off leash dog area, playground and large grass lawns.

The park is a popular lunch time destination for many as it is within easy walking distance to downtown Edmonton.


Mill Creek Park

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