Upper Kananaskis Lake Trail


Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Wilderness Camp
Dog Walking
Mountain Biking
Wildlife Watching

The Upper Lake Trail is a sightseeing trail circling Upper Kananaskis Lake in the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park located in Kananaskis Country in Alberta, Canada. The trail is one of the more popular easy-going sightseeing trails near the Kananaskis lakes.

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park Photo GalleryThe Upper Lake Trail is popular for hiking, shore fishing, backpacking, wilderness camping, mountain biking and sightseeing in the summer. Most of the trail is easy-going following a level paved, gravel or dirt path. During the winter months the trail is used as a cross country ski route.

The Upper Lake Trail near Canmore Alberta, Canada is a 16 kilometre loop recreation trail easily accessed and built in three sections. Each section of the trail provides different wilderness and lake scenery and each section provides various opportunities for adventure.

The east shore section of the Upper Lake Trail measures 3.6 kilometres long. It crosses over the Three Sisters Dam, connects with the Canadian Mount Everest Trail, the North Interlakes Day Use Area and the Upper Lake Picnic Area.

This east shore section of trail is the most easily accessible and the easiest section of the trail to explore. It is best accessed from the Upper Lake parking lot.

The west and south shore section of the Upper Lake Trail measures about 8 kilometres long. This section of trail connects to the Rawson Lakes Trail and the Sarrail Waterfall plus crosses over the Upper Kananaskis River, Sarrail Creek, Rawson Creek and a tributary of Hidden Lake.

The north shore section of the Upper Lake Trail is about 5 kilometres long. This section of the trail connects to the Point where the Kananaskis River meets the Upper Kananaskis Lake. The point is a lookout point and a wilderness campsite for backpackers.

The north shore trail crosses the Palliser Rockslide and also connects to the Three Isle, Indefatigable and Turbine Canyon Trails. These trails are also backpacking routes leading to wilderness campsites located deep into the mountains and canyons.


Upper Kananaskis Lake Trail


Located in: Kananaskis Country
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