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Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

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Inglewood Bird Sanctuary is a birdwatching destination located south of the community of Calgary, Alberta, Canada in the Southern Alberta region of Canada. It is a 36 hectare (89 acre) park protecting a wetland and river eco system popular for bird and wildlife sightings.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada photo galleryThe park is named after the home of Colonel James Walker who settled in the area in 1883. Walker constructed a sawmill and then in 1910 built a red brick house on the shores of the Bow River which he called Inglewood.

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary is a quiet retreat park, located away from the distractions of the city, providing an opportunity for some quiet time and quality birdwatching opportunities.

Located near the entrance of the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary is a Nature Centre providing park information, trail maps and birding checklists. Also at the Nature Centre is a day use picnic area and some washrooms. The park is free to explore but donation admission fees are appreciated.

The recreation hiking and walking trails in the Inglewood Park are open year round - weather permitting. They are, generally, well marked, level and easy going routes popular for all ages and fitness levels.

There are over 2 kilometres of maintained walking trails with boardwalk sections and about 1 kilometre of wilderness trails following dirt paths. The trails explore a forest wetland, a lagoon and the banks of the Bow River. For those who wish to explore further along the Bow River the park connects to the Bow River Pathway.

Located along Inglewood trails are wooden lookouts, viewpoints, sightseeing benches, information signs and birdhouses. A wheelchair and baby stroller friendly pathway also exists at Inglewood which explores the shores of the small lagoon.

The Inglewood Park is an ideal destination for observing song birds, waterfowl and predator birds. There are over 250 birds to observe in the park. Some birds are local , some are migrating - all arrive at Inglewood Park, to either, rest, feed and/or nest.

The best birding is during the migration season - May and August. However local birds like the Mallard Duck, Downy Woodpecker and Black-capped Chickadee are year round residents. While the Bohemian Waxwing and Bald Eagle visit during the winter months.

There are also opportunities to view mammals, amphibians reptiles, butterflies and over 300 plant different species important to the region.

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Inglewood Bird Sanctuary


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