Frame Lake Trail


Trail Length: 7 kilometre loop

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Dog Walking
Interpretive Signs
Mountain Biking

Frame Lake in Yellowknife Northwest Territories, Canada in the Northern Frontier Region is located in the centre of the community of Yellowknife. The 7 kilometre loop route is an easy grade, easily accessible recreation route with views of the Yellowknife city centre and Frame Lake.

The loop trail explores along a dirt and paved trail with some sections of boardwalk and flat rock (Canadian Shield). However most sections of the route follows a dirt and gravel path. The trail on the west side of the lake is more rural while the section of trail on the east side connects with the community streets of Yellowknife.

Frame Lake is a popular destination in the summer for kayaking, birdwatching and canoeing. The trail system around the lake is popular for summer activities like hiking, walking dogs, jogging and sightseeing. The section of trail on the east side (city side) of Frame Lake also permits some biking.

Located along the trail are interpretive signs, picnic areas, beaches and viewing lookouts. The Frame Lake Trail is a good opportunity to explore the community on foot and to see it from afar.

On the east side of Frame Lake the trail visits or is close to many city landmarks. Travelers can visit with the Prince of Whales Northern Heritage Centre, Yellowknife City Hall, Petitot Park, McNiven Beach and the local community pool. There are many access points to the Frame Lake Trail, especially on the city side.

During the winter months, Frame Lake freezes over, the snow falls and temperatures begin to drop. However the activities continue as the trail becomes a snowshoe and cross-country ski route. The Frame Lake Trail is year round. It is a trail which many locals use for their daily exercise routine.

On the northwest side of Frame Lake is a 2.5 kilometre hiking trail which explores through a boreal forest and the Canadian Shield. The route eventually connects to the Bristol Air Freighter, the Fred Henne Territorial Park and Long Beach. The hiking route passes by Jackfish Lake and behind a cemetery.

Explore Frame Lake in Yellowknife Northwest Territories, Canada in the Northern Frontier Region



Frame Lake Trail
Hwy #3

How To Get ToFrame Lake Trail

There are many access points to the trail. Here is the main parking lot. Travel the Frontier Highway (Hwy #3) north to the community of Yellowknife, Northwest Territory, Canada. When entering the community turn right at the junction of Hwy #3 and Hwy #4 and continue into the downtown core. Park at Visitor Centre and enjoy.
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