Ehjuu-njik Park


Park Amenities:

Ehjuu-njik Park is a day use area popular for picnicking and fishing. The park also acts as a rest stop for weary drivers as they travel along the Dempster Highway to and from Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada. The park is located 24 kilometres south of Inuvik, NWT at the 714 kilometre (Mile 446) point on the Dempster Highway which is 244 kilometres after the Yukon/NWT Border crossing.

From the Dempster Highway there is a short gravel entrance road leading into the day use park. In the park there is a small picnic area, some BBQ pits, firewood and pit toilets. There is no overnight camping permitted in the park.

Ehjuu-njik is also referred to as the Cabin Creek Day Use Park. Makes sense, since the park is located on the banks of Cabin Creek which flows into the northeast end of Campbell Lake. The creek is just one of many tributaries found throughout the wetland region.

Ehjuu njik means "tall trees park" in the native language of the Gwichin' First Nation people. Not sure, how it all came about, cause there are no real tall tress here? But there are plenty of views of the creek, birds and the wetland surroundings

Cabin Creek is one of the rivers in the wetland region which is a fishing destination. The creek is home to Arctic grayling, which is best fished from the shores of the creek near the bigger pools. A fishing licence is required to fish in the Northwest Territory, Canada.

Ehjuu-njik Park Inuvik, NWT on the Dempster Highway exploring the Western Arctic, Northwest Territories, Canada.



Ehjuu-njik Park
Dempster Highway

How To Get ToEhjuu-njik Park

Travel the Dempster Highway towards the community of Inuvik, N.W.T., Canada. At approximately 24 kilometres south of the community of Inuvik is the entrance to the Ehjuu-njik Park. Watch for signs on the Dempster Highway.
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