Lady Evelyn Falls Territorial Park

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The Lady Evelyn Falls Territorial Park is a day use area and campground park located 167 kilometres (106 miles) west of the Alberta/NWT border on the Waterfall Highway (Hwy #1) in the Northwest Territories, Canada. The territorial park is an activity, sightseeing and camping destination for travelers when exploring on the Waterfall Highway near the communities of Fort Providence and Hay River, N.W.T., Canada

The Lady Evelyn Falls Territorial Park Day Use Area (near the campground) is located near the main entrance of the park. From the parking lot is a short 300 metre trail leading down to a lookout overlooking the falls. Watch the steps they can be slippery.

Once near the waterfall the mist from the falls moistens the air. The sound of the falls is thunderous as it plunges over a 15 metre high limestone cliff . The shelf of the falls is abrupt, and crosses the entire width of the Kakisa River. The wooden lookout is perched on a cliff. There are interpretive signs about the falls, the history and the surrounding environment.

There are trails leading to the base of the falls. The trail is moist from the falls, it is wet and can be extremely muddy. On the boulders lining the Kasika River, near the base of the falls, are some flat rocks ideal for picnicking. From the base of the falls there is a hiking trail leading to the Kakisa River Day Use Area.

Some of the activities enjoyed in the day use area include sightseeing, hiking and, of course, picnicking. The day use area is well equipped with picnic tables, sitting benches, fire pits, playground, a group picnic shelter and pit toilets.

The Campground area includes a small selection of campsites. The campground amenities include picnic tables, fire pits, firewood, picnic shelters, showers, fresh water taps, boat launch, washrooms and information centre. However the park is only open with services during the summer months between May and September.

From the campground some of the activities enjoyed include boating, canoeing, swimming, kayaking and fishing - just stay away from the falls.

Explore the Lady Evelyn Falls Territorial Park on the Waterfall Highway (Hwy #1), Northwest Territories, Canada



Lady Evelyn Falls Territorial Park
Waterfall Highway
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How To Get ToLady Evelyn Falls Territorial Park

Travel along the Waterfall Highway (Hwy #1 E) for 167 kilometres (106 miles) from the Alberta/NWT Border. From the Waterfall Highway watch for signs pointing to an exit road leading to the park. Follow the road for 6.8 kilometres (4.1 miles) from the Waterfall highway (Hwy #1) to the park.

Fort Providence is 56 kilometres to the north of the Lady Evelyn Territorial Park on the Frontier Hwy (Hwy #3). Hay River is 122 kilometres to the east of the Lady Evelyn Territorial Park on the Waterfall Hwy (Hwy #1).
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