Last Mountain House Provincial Historic Park
Located in: Regina



Last Mountain House Provincial Historic Park

Last Mountain House Provincial Historic Park is a sightseeing and heritage destination situated near the community of Craven, Saskatchewan which is located north of the City of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

First established in 1869 as a thriving Hudson's Bay Trading Post (HBC). The historic fort was constructed to compete with growing competition in the region and to follow the buffalo migration southwest.

Photo GalleryIn 1869, at the peak of the fur trade in Saskatchewan, Canada, the fort was used as a trading post for dried meat, grease and pemmican - as well as - a base camp for hunting buffalo. It was from this HBC Trading Post that supplies were transported to other trading posts located in the northern regions of the province.

The Last Mountain House Hudson's Bay Trading Post was one of the last fur trading posts to operate in Saskatchewan before the buffalo herds migrated further west. After the migration of the buffalo herds the fort fell on hard times. In 1871, the fort was decommissioned and was later burned down.

Today... the Hudson's Bay Company trading post is the Last Mountain House Provincial Historic Park. The site includes reconstructed trading post buildings, artifacts and exhibits.

The reconstructed settlement buildings are connected by a raised boardwalk pathway. There are bunk houses. One for single trappers and one for married fur trappers. There is a main house which was built for the Hudson's Bay Company Officers. And there is a cold cellar, barn, trading post, fur press and much more.

The buildings are open for viewing. One can enjoy a self guided tour or a guided tour with an interpretive guide. The buildings are marked with information signs.


Last Mountain House Provincial Historic Park
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Located in: Regina
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